The Best Salad I’ve Ever Had

I logged onto Word Press about a month ago with the full intention of blogging about the things I love the most: cheese, beer, Wisconsin, politics, and music. In the middle of the holidays with all of the family responsibilities and catching up with all of friends post Рcampaign: I missed out on the blogging experience.

Today, I’m coming out of my slump, and I owe it all to¬†Christian’s¬†Bistro in Plover, Wisconsin, where my family celebrated my sister’s upcoming 23rd birthday. Any good Midwesterner knows that the best food is fresh (I am lucky enough to have grown up with a huge garden in my backyard). Christian’s Bistro stays true to that Midwest value: good, fresh food.

I had the best salad ever today. I don’t like salad, and I loved this. It was a Grilled Asparagus Salad with Bleu Cheese, Asparagus, Spinach, and some of the best Bacon I’ve tasted: all topped with fresh pepper. It was the perfect blend of healthy fresh¬†vegetables¬† and¬†tasty¬†cheese & bacon all on the same plate. If you’re in central Wisconsin and need to stop to eat – I¬†guarantee¬†this place will get you out of your winter blogging slump too!

You can take your own look at the menu here: Рalso make sure to follow @ChefChristian1 on Twitter for some great local food updates.

A next great stop is to go right next door to the O’So Brewing Company. One of my favorites on their menu is the O’s Rusty Red, and it went great with my meal today. Check out the rest of their amazing Wisconsin Beer list here:¬†

If you support local food, local business, and amazing meals – stop by both of these places. You won’t be¬†disappointed.