A Perfect Connecticut Octoberfest


 In a mission to try more Connecticut Fall Beer – I tried the Thomas Hooker Octoberfest Lager. A lot of people who start exploring the world of beer and start to develop what they think is a firm understanding of it, start to get scared whenever they see a beer is a Lager and not and Ale (for a number of reasons).

As one those people who’s starting to grow up – I recommend you don’t run from this one. This blend of amazing flavor absolutely called for spending the extra investment to brew a lager; it paid off with a solid, smooth beer.

This Amber beer is made with German Malts – and has just enough hoppy flavor to keep someone like me, who loves bitter beer, satisfied. What’s great about this beer is that the flavor lightly spiced, a little bitter, has just enough malt to take the edge off, and is nice and crisp. That’s a flavor that’s smart not to mess with, so the folks at Thomas Hooker didn’t.  This Octoberfest is crisp, refreshing, and has a full bodied, drinkable flavor the whole way through with no surprises. It’s not complicated.

This is a great introduction to Octoberfest beer for your friends who want to step out of their light beer all – the – time comfort zone, and it’s also totally a beer that you can have 2 or 3 of without getting sick of it. It’s one of my new favorites for football season, and I hope anyone else new to the New England or Connecticut find a chance to give it a try one of my new favorite go – to’s.

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Yes. I liked a Flower Beer.


I was passing through Madison on my way to a wedding in Western Wisconsin and needed a place for lunch  – so I stopped at a place where I had always had a good experience before with beer to see if the food was up to par.

I took my first look at the beer list and saw the Twisted Hibiscus option. I had been meaning to try Revolution Brewing’s Rosa Hibiscus Ale for awhile – since I’ve never tried a hibscus beer. Even though it wasn’t the beer I’d been eyeing up, this was my chance to try one out.

I’ll admit I was hesitant at first because I’d been convinced before that anything with a floral edge was just going to taste like over acidic coffee that resulted from someone just trying to be too creative. I do not like coffee with “floral notes.” This beer was really pleasant though.

What was really great about it was how well balanced the flavor was. I could tell that this wasn’t a first draft. It flowed like any well made beer should – starting and ending sweet & smooth with a brief bitter kick in the middle. The hibiscus was subtle enough to not scare me away – so I was pleasantly surprised and only really upset that Vintage Brewing Company couldn’t have this all year.

The story here is that I was feeling adventurous, but a little scared, and it worked out. So if you are in front of a beer that seems a little crazy to you… try it.