Lakefront Brewery & their “2nd Best” Dark Beer

I spent last weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – where you just can’t pass through without at least one brewery tour. I spent my time at Lakefront Brewery. This brewery tour is a good deal – 7$ for four 6 oz samples plus a pint on the brewery at select local pubs that serve their brews. What I’m trying to say – is you’re going to want a good brunch or lunch before you get started, especially if you want to squeeze more than one brewery in.

The highest brunch recommendation I have is Trocadero (@ztrocadero on Twitter, on the web). They serve brunch until 3pm on Saturdays, and 9am to 9pm on Sundays. They have a great selection of everything brunch, and personally I would recommend that you make sure to order the doughnuts as an appetizer  and ask about their Bloody Mary menu. There are three Bloody Mary’s that are always on the menu + the special that you should totally ask about.

Now you’re full – on to the beer.

You can come to the Lakefront Brewery prepared by reserving your spot online beforehand – but they always leave space for walk – in’s, so if you arrive 30-40 minutes early, you should be able to get a tour ticket, and get yourself a beer or two before you start. Make sure you don’t get too caught up in conversation so you budget your time & make sure you have a full beer when your tour starts.

You’ll know your tour is starting because someone will yell for you. Yes, yell. Your Brewery Navigation Specialist will probably stand on a chair and yell about your 2 minute warning… and let you know when you should run over to the front of the hall to start out your tour.

Once your tour starts, make sure you’re ready to participate. The Brewery Navigation Specialists at Lakefront don’t accept anything other than 100% participation. If you think you know the answer to a question – answer, & if they ask for a volunteer – raise your hand (you’ll probably get a free beer out of it).

I don’t want to spoil the tour, but you should be ready for some awesome jokes & some stunning visual aids.

During the middle of the tour you’ll get a pit stop to refill on your beer, where I recommend that you try a taste of the award winning Eastside Dark. It will probably be described to you as “if you don’t like dark beer, you should still try this,” and you should – you’ll still like it. The New York Times called it the 2nd best dark beer in America. When you’re on the tour I dare you to ask what the first is.

After your pit stop for more beer – you’ll see how the beer is bottled, packaged, & sent out.

Lakefront has great beer & an amazing brewery tour. Look them up here:

Just to entice you a little more, here are some great things to Google before your tour so that you come prepared:

The Difference Between Ale & Lager*

Falcon Punch

Ingredients in Beer

Laverne & Shirley Theme Song Lyrics

*For this one, I seriously recommend  just typing in “The Difference Between” and looking at the google auto completes before you type “Ale & Lager,” it will give you faith in humanity.