All Day Octoberfest


The Staghorn Oktoberfest is our new New Glarus fall beer, and the Old Fashioned’s beer of the month… which means 2.50 pints and 9.00 pitchers. We went for the pitcher.

If I didn’t have a soft spot for the brewery that only sells in Wisconsin and makes one of the greatest staple go to beers in America, this review might be worse. I want to say that if you’re looking for a full bodied,  malty Octoberfest that’s edgy and new – this is not your beer. This beer is light, tastes like you want an Octoberfest to taste, is not too smooth & not too coarse, and most importantly… you could literally drink this all day long.

In a state that has an Oktoberfest Festival probably within a half hour of any given place at some point between September 1st & October 31st (that become flooded with Miller Light drinkers) – this beer works.

The Staghorn Octoberfest could easily be the beer we drink inbetween stronger, thicker beer to hydrate and cleanse the pallet. It’s a million times better than your average “water beer” and provides a goos introduction to Octoberfest for newcomers. So although it’s really not for me, it could be for you, or some of our friends that we bring to Oktoberfest with us this year.


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