Citra Ass Down (it’s a beer)


I came across Citra Ass Down as an afterthought to buying some bourbon one night when I quickly wanted to grab some beer. I saw the name and some cool artwork and thought I might try it – my experience turned out great. It turned out so great that it inspired me to pick myself up and start my blog post again. This awesome IPA from Against the Grain Brewery in KY is 8% ABV, and 68 IBU.

This lovely beer smells so juicy and crisp that I wasn’t even thirsty anymore when I took my first smell. The first sip was equally awesome. It tastes citrusy and light, and becomes increasingly bitter very quickly as it moves to the back of your tongue, and you figure out why this beer with a blend of great hops has a 68 IBU. The flavor lasts for awhile, but after a few seconds you’ll be left with really clean hoppy flavor that will last. If you want to check out some information on this beer from the brewery, this is the place to go. Also follow these guys on twitter @AtGBrewery.